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Peddie Origins

PEDDIE origins seem numerous and fairly disparate. There are lots of notions but few hard facts. The McDuff clan claim the PEDDIES as a Sept, but this gives no real clue as to where they came from originally.

However, here is some information from various sources.

An examination of the records and registers in Prince street, Edinburg, Scotland, reveal some interesting facts concerning the Peddie family whose descendants are many and prominent in the United States. The records show that they are an ancient Scottish family who were formerly called McDougald; that they rebelled against state authority; that they possessed a claim to noble blood and had a coat-of-arms granted them, and other interesting facts.

Tradition says the name was changed to Peddie to avoid banishment from Scotland for their rebellious acts against the laws that oppressed them. It seems we were Jacobites [thanks to P.J. Peddie]

Also see the The MacDuff & McGregor Connection below


The MacDuff & McGregor Links

The MacDuff Society of America claim the Peddies as a SEPT, (and there are other records around that would confirm this - Webmaster). There is some claim that so do the Dunbars although other sources do not confirm this. The MacGregors accept Peat but not, apparently, Peattie/Peaddie/Peddie, even though we understand that those are all diminutives of the same form. However, this is not to dismiss a possible McGregor link somewhere. Information on the Electric Scotland website does say that PEDDIE is associated with McGregor [Thanks to Daniel from the USA for most of this].

There is now emerging YDNA evidence from at least one PEDDIE Family in America that the McGregor link is a really strong possibility.

Therefore, PEDDIE, although not being a clan and not having its own tartan, is certainly entitled to wear the MacDuff tartan, and may also be entitled to wear the McGregor Tartan. The links below shows you what those Tartans are like.

Note: Every clan has more than one Tartan; Family, Hunting, Dress, Military, etc.,

The MacDuff Red (Military) Tartan

The McGregor (Family) Tartan


Petty and Peddie

There is some anecdotal evidence (family stories etc.) to suggest that the PEDDIES originated from Ireland, the name PETTY becoming PEDDY in Scotland, or that PEDDIES went to Ireland where the reverse happened to the surname.

There are two possible explanations for the surname Petty and its variants Pettie, Pettee, Petit, and Pettitt when it is found in Ireland. The principal Petty family was established in the county Kerry by the famous Sir William Petty in the seventeenth century. The name may be of the nickname origin, descriptive of some personal or physical characteristic of the initial bearer and in this case, the name may be derived from the Old French "petit" meaning "small, one small in stature".

Alternatively, it is also possible that the name is of Scottish origin, having been brought to Ireland during the Plantation period of the seventeenth century. Here the name is of local origin, derived from the place where the initial bearer once lived or held land. In this instance, the name may indicate "one who came from Petty" a place name in Scotland in the shire of Inverness. This toponym is derived from the Gaelic "peit" meaning "a share, portion or measure of land".

The earliest English record of this surname dates back to 1198 when one William Petie is recorded in the "Feet of Fines" in Nottinghamshire. 1249 one Walter le Petiet is listed in the "Assine Rolls" of Wiltshire and Thomas Petyt is mentioned in the "Subsidy Rolls" of Leicestershire in 1327. In Scotland the earliest record of this surname is from 1296 where it is mentioned that one Johan Petyt of the Miernes, Lanarkshire rendered homage. William Petyt was a character witness inn 1340 and Master Duncan Petit or Petyt was archdeacon of Glasgow in 1395.

The coat of arms was granted by Carney in Ulster in 1656 to William Petty MD, who became Physician-General to the army in Ireland. He was Knighted in 1661 and founded the noble house of Petty.

Blazon of Arms: Ermine on a blend azure a magnetic needle ppr. pointing at the north star or.

Crest: A beehive and bees proper.

Motto: Ut apes geometriam.

My thanks to Ellen Petty (USA) for this crest.

Another crest is viewable here:

Also check out this Petty site:


Peddy and Peddie

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence that Peddy and Peddie are very closely linked, evidenced by the number of times people spell my name as 'Peddy'. Surnames were often mis-spelt by immigration officials, so there is a very real possibility that PEDDIES going to, for instance, The United States, ended up as PEDDY on official forms. If you are interested, check out this website run by Glendel W "Glen" Peddy, Sr (USA):

Glen's Peddy Genealogy


Family Crests

And here's three versions of the Peddie family crest
[click each image for a larger version]
Peddie Family Crest Peddie Family Crest Peddie Family Crest
This left crest was passed to me from PJ in the USA and came from a Denver store. The centre crest bearing the motto 'True to the end' is I believe at least 130 years old, and was passed to me by my Grandmother - Euphemia Watson Peddie, now deceased. She was given the original by her husband's mother (Williamina Anderson, married to Alfred Ernest Peddie), and the original engraved copper plate exists with an unknown family member in Natal, South Africa. (Thanks to Mark Peddie for this info) This crest is one produced from a description of the crest as supplied by a commercial 'family crest service' in South Africa, and it is by no means an authentic crest. (Mark again)

Here is something more on the ancient origins of the name which the webmaster got from a researcher into family names.

Peddie Name history
[click the image for a larger version]


Peddies of Note

Here are various miscellaneous Peddies who have popped up during investigations; some historical, some not so much, but all interesting if you are researching.

Please note: many of the links below go to outside websites where pages often get shifted or deleted, so some links may not work. Apologies for that. If anyone has more info. about any of the PEDDIES listed, or you've found a dead link, please let me know via the
Peddie Facts Submission Form.

  • A New Zealand selection:

    Dr Bill Peddie has a Progressive Christianty website
    Rev Dr Barbara Peddie (ex Vice President of the NZ Methodist Church)lives in Christchurch
    Dr David Peddie - surgeon, (obstetrics) lives in Christchurch
    ~ [Thanks to Bill for this info]

  • Dr William Peddie, physicist: was born on Papa Westray in 1861 going on to study science at Edinburgh University. After graduation he eventually rose to the position of Harris Chair of Physics at University College, Dundee, (later to become the University of Dundee) a post held by him for 35 years. He died in 1946. He was also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

    One of his particular interests and fields of expertise was colour vision.

  • There was a Chief Warrant Officer Peddie (or Peddy?) who is mentioned on numerous occasions in the book, "le naufrage de la Méduse" (the wreck of the jellyfish) by Alexandre Corréard et Jean Baptiste Savigny - Gallimard.(1817). It is recorded that he helped many survivors. Alexandre Corréard was the ship's Engineer-Geographer.

    It is even specified there that CWO Peddie saved, in Sénégal, the life of some surviving French people of this wreck, who had just been forwarded to Senegal, during the repossession of Senegal by France in 1817.

    Apparently, CWO Peddie, later led an expedition inland and the author, indicates how well he thought of CWO Peddie and specifically mentions that he said his farewells before his start of the expedition.

    He mentions finally, that CWO Peddie died from an infectious fever a few days after the beginning of this expedition, as did the First mate, Campbell.

    More details of the wreck are here: (use google to search for "le naufrage de la Méduse" and then click the link, 'translate the page'), or click this link le naufrage de la Méduse" (the wreck of the jellyfish)

    [from: Nicolas Mergault - France]

  • My grandfather, James Mortimer Peddie, might count as a notable Peddie, for becoming the Baron of Hull and helping to found the co-operative movement.

    more details here.

    Not too sure how we fit into the larger family tree. A Dr. Robert Peddie who lived in Antigua is a direct ancestor. [from: James Peddie - London, UK]

  • A Professor William Peddie offered an assistantship to Robert Watson-Watt (later Sir Robert) the father of modern RADAR. More info at Electric Scotland

  • An Alexander Peddie was assaulted by one, Louis Fernandez, who stole from his person one silver watch, value 40 shillings, and one pocketbook, value 18pence, and one walking cane, value 3 shillings, on April 25 1759. More info at Old Bailey Online

  • A William Peddie, a labourer, was murdered by one, Robert Tennant, who was executed at Stirling, on Wednesday morning, the 2nd of October 1833. William was killed by a blow to the head by Tennant on the 3rd of August, 1833, while breaking stones on the road, in the parish of Falkirk.

    A full account is here The National Library of Scotland. (Thanks to PJ for that).

  • A John Peddie appears in some school records and yearbooks for the event year of 1881 New York Region and the Pennsylvania Region event years of 1885 ,1887,1883.

    Probably a different John Peddie appears in the Pennsylvania school record and yearbook of Madison University (NY)-1871

  • Douglas H. Peddie of Lock Haven, Clinton County, Pa. was the Democrat Mayor of Lock Haven, Pa., 1964. Still living as of 1964. (Thanks to PJ for that).

    There is also a Douglas H. Peddie Memorial Park in Lock Haven.

  • Alexander Peddie who appears to have been a Weaver, wrote a book, "The Manufacturer, Weaver and Warper's Assistant" published by Khull. More info at Complex Weavers. (Thanks to PJ for that).

  • Mrs Betty Peddie was sister to Jim Clark the famous racing driver known as "The Quickest Man on Wheels", who died in a racing accident at the Hockenheim circuit in Germany on April 7, 1968. There's a Jim Clark Memorial Award presented by the ASMW (Association of Scottish Motoring Writers). (Thanks to PJ for that).

  • Francis G. Peddie played Shylock in The Merchant of Venice more info here and a photo. (Thanks to PJ for that).

  • Robert Peddie (1803-?) was the leader of the Chartist rising in Bradford in January 1840, he was imprisoned for three years. He published a book of poetry.

    The Dungeon's Harp Poems by Robert Peddie [Charterist] 1844

    more at : (Thanks to PJ for that).

  • Dr. Alexander Peddie, Doctor of Medicine, was President of the Royal College of Physicians, Queen Street, Edinburgh, 1877 - 1879. He died in 1907. Some of his decendents settled in Iowa and California in the late 1800's. His grandson, Alexander, b. 1885 was one of the early casualties in the opening battle of World War 1. [Thanks to George Peddie of Scotland for this].

    And here is some more information from Christopher Peddie in the USA...

    I am a direct descendent of Dr. Alexander Peddie of Edinburgh, Scotland. He was the first Scotish physician to use the anesthetic Chloriform. The "Alexander" name has passed down to all male members of my family. My son's name is Lucas Alexander Peddie. He is 24. I'm the doctor's Great, Great, Great Grandson. Our family crest, displayed above is on the far left. I have it in my home, along with hundreds of pictures and documented items. Nice to know the site is here. [Christopher Alexander Peddie, Pensacola, FL., USA]

  • Peddie and Kinnear (1867-73) were the competition-winning Edinburgh architectural firm who designed the Town House in Castle Street, Aberdeen.    The Town House's great tower was for decades the most prominent landmark in the City and the interior is just as impressive.

    John More Dick Peddie (1853 - 1921), is described as one of the most prolific Scottish architects of the late 19thC./early 20thC. The Caledonian Station Hotel ( now Caledonian Hilton) is one of his Edinburgh buildings. He joined the family firm ( Peddie & Kinnear) in 1879 as partner to his father and to Charles George Hood Kinnear. The firm still exists as Dick Peddie & Mackay. (thanks to Jennifer for this information).

    [from the Webmaster] I received this email in March 2010, from Keith Vance of Dick Peddie and McKay, Scotland, UK: Indeed, Dick Peddie and McKay do still exist. We continue to promote good quality architecture, wherever possible. Visit us at Kind regards, Keith Vance. A big thanks the Keith for this! PS - a very nice website... do take a look.

    The Edinburgh City Libraries website contains a biography and a list of his major works.

    The Library also kindly sent me this detailed WORD document on John More Dick Peddie, to which I have added more information from the Facebook Group, Peddie Clan Notes.

    Also, here is a document of the Lineage of a JAMES PEDDIE which includes John More Dick Peddie. Thanks to PJ for this info.

    Some more on J.D. Peddie (from Liz, UK): About 20 years ago we had 4 oil paintings which were by a J. D. Peddie and dated about 1850. The largest (7 ft x about 3'6") depicts Mary Queen of Scots in a parade, another is of a tournament (about 4ft square) another is of Mary Queen of Scots and the last if of Sir Walter Scott - these are about 3'6" x 2'6"). We were told he was an architect who went on to design the Royal Bank of Scotland.

  • A William Henry Peddie was the Military Governor of Stirling Castle, Scotland, as was his father before him.    William Henry is buried in the cemetary at Stirling Castle.

  • There is a town in Cape Province, South Africa named after a brother of this same William Henry.   The brother's name was John Peddie who was the gggg grandfather of Barbara E. Whitehouse.   Nearby is Fort Peddie, which seems to have got it's name from the already established town.   [Thanks Kris G. from Iowa and Barbara for these interesting facts].

  • A James Peddie is listed in the book, "Scottish clock and watchmakers" by Donald Whyte, as working in Stirling between 1774 and 1809.    [Thanks to Bernie McGrath for this piece of info].

    In the book, "Old Stirling Clockmakers" by Charles Allan, The Peddie family are well covered through their clockmaking activities.

    • James Peddie b? - 1809 but working 1774-1809
    • Andrew Peddie c1801-1836
    • Ebenezer 1813-1861
    • James 1836-1857
    If you have a large piggy bank you could buy one of the Peddie grandfather clocks, price c.$10,000! [Thanks to Peter M. of Stirling for this info.]

  • Another James Peddie pops up (as it were) in the Warriston cemetery (opened in 1843) in Edinburgh. The Rev. James Peddie was the pastor of Bristo Street church, and was born on 10 Feb 1759 in Perth, Perthshire, the son of a brewer.

    After studying in Edinburgh, in Feb 1782 he became a licensed probationer to the Associate Presbytery in Bristo Street, Edinburgh and was ordained their pastor on 3 Apr 1783. His election to this position caused a rift in the congregation and many of its members formed themselves into The Associate Congregation in Rose Street, under the pastoral care of Rev'd Dr. Hall.

    The Bristo Street Congregation however, flourished under the superintendence of Rev'd. Peddie, becoming one of the largest congregations in Scotland. He was a very successful and popular preacher and grew a reputation for clear, graphic and forceful sermons or "lectures" as they were known. He became a Doctor of Divinity in 1818 from the University of Aberdeen.

    He was twice married - first to Margaret Coventry, the daughter of Rev'd George Coventry of Stitchill, with whom there were no children; and secondly to Barbara Smith, the daughter of Donald Smith Esq, a banker in Edinburgh. The couple had nine children, his second son Rev'd Dr. William Peddie was ordained his colleague and successor in 1828.

    James' long ministry was spent entirely within Edinburgh and he became the oldest serving clergyman in the city. He died on 11 Oct 1845 aged 86, after serving his community for 63 years.

    His son William was serving as pastor to the Bristo Street Congregation when my GG Grandmother was married there in 1852.

    Two sketches of James Peddie and a photograph of the Bristo Street church - which is now the Bedlam Theatre - are below. [Thanks to: Christine from W. Australia for all the extra info and pictures]

    Rev'd James Peddie Pictures

    Rev'd-James-Peddie-(1783-1845) Rev'd-James-Peddie-1810 Free-Church-Bristo-St-Edinburgh
    Rev'd James Peddie (1783-1845). Rev'd James Peddie (1810) Free Church Bristo St. Edinburgh

  • A William Peddie, bookseller lived in Hawick, south of Galasheils, and later in Howgate, just south of Edinburgh (1825) and High Street, (exact location?) (1837).    [Thanks to Bernie McGrath for this].

  • There are 41 PEDDIES recorded by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission as having died in active service during the 1914-18 and 1939-45 World Wars.

  • Thomas Baldwin Peddie, born February 11 (12th?), 1808 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Thomas, who was a saddlemaker when he emigrated from Scotland to Newark NJ, and became a manufacturer of trunks, suitcases and the like in that city. He was a member of the United States congress and a mayor of New Jersey's largest city Newark (1866-69). He had one son, name unknown, by his first wife. He died in 1889 and is buried at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Newark, N.J.

    Thomas was the financial benefactor of The Peddie School, who renamed their institution after him. (Thanks to Bob T. for this). A history of The Peddie School can be found in the book, "The Peddie School's first century: A history of the Peddie School in Hightstown, New Jersey, from its founding in 1864 to the end of its first hundred years in 1964" by Carl Geiger, which should normally be available from Amazon.

    His second wife, Sarah Ogden Peddie, in 1891, became a member of the school's Board of Corporators and served until her death in 1893. His adopted daughter, Elsie Peddie, who married Tonzo Sauvage of Welsh descent-in Newark, NJ., graduated from the Peddie School in 1885, was elected to the board in 1893 and served until her own death in 1936. By her wish, her ashes were strewn by plane over the campus that she and her parents had loved so well. (Thanks to Justine Shaver (Joy) Arnold of Maryland for extra information. Elsie Peddie was Justine's husband's grandmother.)

    Also the First Baptist Peddie Memorial Church (Broad and Fulton Streets), Newark, a Byzantine granite structure inspired by the Baths of Pisa in Italy, was built through gifts from Thomas during his time as Mayor of Newark, New Jersey (1866-1869). The church was erected in 1890. It features an unusual use of interior spaces, rich paneling, 200 doors, 173 windows-most of which are stained glass, and a dome 80 feet above the main auditorium. For more see First Baptist Peddie Memorial Church (Thanks to Finn C. for this)

    There is a good entry in Wikipedia for Thomas at Thomas Baldwin Peddie

  • Thomas Hutchinson Peddie 1871-1954 was an illustrator and cartoonist who primarily worked in watercolor. After moving to London in the 1890’s, he began to produce work for the Strand, Punch, Quiver, and the Red Magazine. Many of those images were also used to illustrate postcards. He was born in Scone in 1871 and from the 1890’s lived in London. In the 1911 census he was living in Bromely, Kent, with his wife Ethel Maud Peddie (nee Worley) (1877-1935) and their children:

    • Philip Tom Peddie (1899-1967) who appears to have ended up in Australia,
    • Violet Mary Peddie (1902-1950) and
    • Maud Margaret Peddie (1903-?) and
    • Hugh Hutchinson Peddie, b.1914 who also went to Australia and from the Electoral Roll of 1980 he is living with Olive Reynolds Peddie.

      The announcement of Hugh’s engagement to Olive from in an Australian newspaper of the time:

      PEDDIE — MOON— The engagement if announced between Olive Reynolds. Niece of Miss L. Peart. 'Tukeroo.'. Rosslyn St.. East Brisbane, and Hugh Hutchison, youngest Son of Mr. T. H.. and the late Mrs. Peddie. of Perthshire. Scotland

    Thomas Hutchison Peddie died in 1954 and his address at the time was, Fairmount, Glenfarg. Scotland.

    NOTE:Should anyone have information about his living relatives, please contact the following person URGENTLY

    Janet Tod, Artists’ Services Executive (who supplied most of the above information)
    +44 (0) 20 7553 9055

    If you Google - Thomas Hutchinson Peddie 1871-1954 - there is considerably more information about his art.

  • The Peddie School is a private, co-educational High School (secondary school) in Hightstown, N.J, USA, approximately eight miles from Princeton and 50 miles from both New York City and Philadelphia.

    Peddie enrolls 530 young men and women in grades 9 through 12, including 15 postgraduate students. The student body represents 23 states and the District of Columbia, as well as 23 foreign countries.

    The Peddie School was founded in 1864 as the Hightstown Female Seminary, a Baptist preparatory school. Later that year, boys were admitted, and the school gets its name from its benefactor, Thomas Baldwin Peddie.

    Peddie School remained coed until 1908, when it was decided, for social and economic reasons, to admit boys only. This standard was reversed in the early 1970s, when girls were readmitted. The school is now coeducational and nondenominational.

    A history of The Peddie School can be found in the book, "The Peddie School's first century: A history of the Peddie School in Hightstown, New Jersey, from its founding in 1864 to the end of its first hundred years in 1964" by Carl Geiger, which should normally be available from Amazon.

    Its website is here: The Peddie School.

    Thomas' second wife, Sarah, became a member of the school's Board of Corporators until her death in 1893. His adopted daughter, Elsie, was elected to the board in 1893 until her death in 1936.

  • John (Jack/Jock) Hope Peddie was a Footballer. He was born in Hutchinsontown, Glasgow on 21 March 1877. He began his playing career with Benburb FC in Scotland before moving to Third Lanark in June 1895. He turned professional with Newcastle United in November 1897 and in June 1902, he moved to Manchester United.

    A year later, in 1903, he joined Plymouth Argyle for one season, returning to Manchester in 1904 where he made an important contribution, as Manchester United won the League, with twenty goals in forty six appearances. In total he scored fifty eight goals for Manchester United and became their club captain.

    In January 1907, He signed for Hearts together with Richard Wombwell and William Yates for a joint fee of £600. In the first round of the Scottish Cup, Hearts defeated Airdrieonians 2 - 0 at Broomfield and Jack scored the second goal. Jack missed the semi-final victory over Queens Park due to a knee injury which eventually ended his career. At Tynecastle, Jack Peddie recieved £5 per week in wages and he played inside right and centre forward for Hearts.

    In May 1907, Jack received considerable treatment for the knee injury and was back in the team at the start of the 1907-08 season. But the injury kept flaring up and he played only 23 first team matches during 1906-07 and 1907-08 seasons, scoring five goals.

    When James McGhee replaced Wiliam Waugh as Hearts Manager in April 1908, Jack was transfer listed at £100. As Hearts retained Jack's contract until April 1911, he played amateur football from August 1908.

    [Thanks to: Douglas Dalgleish, Communications Manager, Hearts F.C.]

    My father, George Peddie, was the nephew of the footballer, Jack Peddie. We heard that Jack emigrated to Canada after his playing career was over.

    [Thanks to Anne B. for that]

    Indeed, he did emigrate, but to the USA, settling in Detroit, until his death in 1928 at the age of 52

    There is quite a good entry in Wikipedia John Hope Peddie. (Thanks to PJ for that).

    and another at Manchester United Spartacus

    If anyone has any more family info about Jack or any further info about any of the above people, please let me know via the
    Peddie Facts Submission Form.

  • There was a Jim Peddie who worked at the top secret WW2 listening post, Beaumanor Park. There is a picture on the Beaumanor Park site, titled: Beaumanor Royal Sigs Association 1950s, It's possible he worked there during WWII, but as the page is dated: 1945-1970, there is no way of telling. (Thanks to Sylvia for this).

    More info (thanks to Ken Carling, ex Beaumont Y operator, now 'keeper' of the Beaumanor archives):

    Jim was at Beaumanor but not sure WHEN he started there. He was certainly in Y work at Beaumanor on or prior to 1949 so possible that he was there in WWII, although his name is not shown on the -Bletchley Park Roll of Honour - web site.

    He was older than me (when I joined in 1949) and was one of the many characters in the job and one claim to fame was his ability at ballroom dancing.

    Jim was born in Aberdeen (date unknown}, and the last I knew of him is that he was at Cheltenham - home to GCHQ. He died here, date unknown, and his wife, IRENE, survived him and remained in Cheltenham.

    He gained promotion and was the officer in charge at BRORA (Sutherland, Scotland) in 1978 so presumably moved from Brora to Cheltenham some time after that. Note that in 1978 he will have been near to the civil service retirement age of 60. He may have moved to Cheltenham as a posting from Brora. Movements/postings to other Y establishments were routine but the move could have been on his further promotion.

    Here are some Jim Peddie photos

    If anyone has any more info about Jim Peddie, please let me know via the
    Peddie Facts Submission Form.

  • A Major Peddie was involved in, what seems to have been an ill-fated trip of exploration up the River Niger c. 1815-17. Considerable detail can be found on the Cataracts of the Congo web site.

    Thanks to Dr. Jon Peddie for that.

    More info at Schulers Books and Redlands Fortnightly

    (Thanks to PJ for that).

    If anyone has any more info about Major Peddie, please let me know via the
    Peddie Facts Submission Form.

  • John Smart Peddie was an officer and surgeon aboard HMS Terror which was part of Sir John Franklin's doomed Arctic expedition which left Greenhithe, England, on 19th May 1845, with a crew of 24 officers and 110 men,in search of the North West Passage. The two ships, The Erebus and Terror were sighted by whaling vessels at the end of July, after which they were never seen again, at least that was the initial thinking. It seems that they were seen a number of times by local Inuits, whose original traditional oral histories were discounted as inaccurate. Later research whoever, proved there evidence to be accurate, and indeed uncovered new evidence as to what happened. There is an extensive Wiki entry at:
    Franklin's lost expedition

    John was was born on 1-Feb-1816 (although one source claims 31-Jan-1816) in Edinburgh, Scotland and christened on 3-Mar-1816 in Edinburgh, Scotland. He died on the expedition and was buried somewhere in the Arctic.

    (Thanks to PJ for this). There was a PBS program "Artic Passage", originally broadcast February 28, 2006. More info at PBS

    John Married Matilda Harccourt in Gosport 2.8.1843 and their daughter, Annie Elizabeth was born in 5.8.1844

    His Father, James Peddie was born in 1776 in Scotland and died 23-Oct-1837 in Scotland and is buried in Inveresk churchyard, Musselburgh, Scot. He married Ann Smart and was employed as Architect. In addition to John Smart Peddie, they had two daughters and three other sons;

    • Eliza Peddie, b. on 25-Apr-1800 in Scotland and died on 28-Dec-1866 in Edinburgh, Scotland. The cause of death was Paralysis on left side. She was buried in Grange Cemetery, Edinburgh, Scotland. She married Peter Steele on 6-May-1825.
    • Robert Stewart Peddie, b. 18-Mar-1807 in Colinton, Midlothian, Scotland and christened 6-May-1807 in Colinton, Midlothian, Scot. He died 7-Dec-1832 and was buried in Inveresk churchyard, Musselburgh, Scotland.
    • James Peddie b. on 29-Jan-1809 in Scotland and christened 16-Feb-1809 in Colinton, Midlothian, Scot. and died 17-Jul-1846 in Musselburgh, Scotland and was buried in Inveresk churchyard, Musselburgh, Scotland.
    • Alexander Peddie, b. on 9-4-1812.
    • Margery Stewart Peddie, b. on 8-8-1813

    Rather poignantly, among the relics from the expedition which now form part of the Hopton Hall Collection, held by the National Maritime Museum on loan from the Gell Muniment Trustees are listed the following:

    • REBUS BAY, KING WILLIAM ISLAND MAY 1859 (Found in an abandoned boat)
      • Silver dessert spoon. Owner: John Smart Peddie
      • Silver table fork. Owner: John Smart Peddie

    John Smart Peddie's Father, James, had a younger brother, John b. on 23-2-1774 in St. Andrews(?) who Married Charlotte Sinclair in Canisbay. He was an Excise Officer and therefore lived in various places up and down the coast of Scotland. With Charlotte he had the following children:

    • Margaret b. on 16-1-1800 in Sth. Ronaldsay,
    • Mary b. on 28-11-1801
    • Charlotte b. on 29-8-1803 in St Ola.
    • Patrick b. on 13-4-1805
    • John b. on 4-10-1806
    • Christian b. on 8-6-1808 in Dundee
    • Barbara b. on 2-3-1810

    With his 2nd Wife, Martha Cordmires, Married 14-6-1839 in North Leith, he had the following children:

    • John Henry b. on 14-5-1841
    • Ann b. on 26-4-1843
    • George b. on 2-9-1845
    • Andrew b. on 30-9-1847
    • Mathew b. on 12-2-1850

    Martha arrived in Leith, Scotland via Hannover, Germany. Her father, Henri Cordmires was one of the German "Sugarbakers" who come to Scotland for spirit distilling. “When Sugar Refining started in the UK not many had the relevant skills, so the sugar companies (or the government) shipped in Germans with the skill required.”

    Another interesting note: The above mentioned Mathew Peddie (b.12 Feb 1850 d.25 Oct 1910) married Mary Watt and together they had 5 sons. Each son served for a different branch or country of the military in WWI:

    • John William was a Chief Petty Officer in the Royal Navy (died of illness aboard the HMS Orpheus 8-7-1918)
    • George Watt British Army, 6th Battalion, Highland Light Infantry (killed in the Gallipoli Campaign 12-7-1915)
    • Matthew Erskine Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force. Unit: Canadian Infantry (British Columbia Regiment) 7th Battalion (killed in Courcellete, France 26-9-1916)
    • Thomas Adam New Zealand Engineers-Sapper (killed in Ypres, Belgium 26-7-1917)
    • Douglas Anderson served on the SS Shuntien in Shanghai, China. Douglas Anderson was the only Peddie brother to survive WWI.

    Greenock Cemetary

    [Click the above image for a photo from Greenock Cemetary]

    Big thanks to Kathleen Pagano for addition info relating to John Smart Peddie. Martha Cordmires was her 3rd great-grandmother, Martha's son, Mathew, was her 2nd great-grandfather and Mathew's son, George Watt, her Great Grandfather.

    Here is some extra interesting historical info about John Smart Peddie

    • 1834: Matriculated Edinburgh University
    • 1836: Applied for qualification Edinburgh Royal Hospital, he was a Student under his Uncle Dr.Charles Graham ( Married to Catherine Peddie)
    • 20.12.1836: Supernumery H.M.S Britannia
    • 20.1.1837: Ass. Surgeon on HMS Sparrow, a Cutter on the South American Station (Falkland Islands) were he attended to the people of the Islands when in port, and also sent home specimens of Natural History.
    • 1.9.1837: Qualified in Edinburgh
    • 2.12.1842: H.M.S Victory discharged 12.6 1845
    • 22.9.1843: The Yacht, William and Mary Discharged 12.3.1845
    • 29.1.1845: Requested appointment to Northern expedition
    • 1.3.1845: H.M.S Terror as assistant Sutgeon. Note from Medical Dept:- Mr Peddie is about 8 years standing as an Asst. Surgeon and has highly respectable talented in his Profession.
    • 2.12.1845: Promoted to Surgeon after the expedition sailed.

    Thanks to Joan Rasmussen, whose gg grandmother was Martha (Isabell?) Cordmires, for the extra info above.

    If anyone has any more info about John Smart Peddie, please let me know via the
    Peddie Facts Submission Form.

  •  This from Pamela Chantry in the UK...

    The Reverend John Cameron Peddie was a faith healer in Glasgow and wrote a book called, "The Forgotten Talent". He started the Healing Mission in the Church of Scotland and ministered in the Hutchinson Town Parish Church in the Gorbals. He also worked tirelessly to bring the gangs in the Gorbals district of Glasgow off the streets, turning the gangs into clubs. He was known as the Gangster's friend. [Thanks to Rosalind Peddie (his Grandaughter) of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada for some extra info. You can contact Rosalind at:]

  • This is from Daniel Peddie, USA...

    In 1967-68 my father, Norman W. Peddie, led an 850-mile scientific expedition across East Antarctica (Queen Maud Land). The National Geographic for October 1968 commemorated this exploit, interviewing my father and also featuring some of his photographs. The expedition traversed the last major unexplored part of the frozen continent, and a mountain there was named after him.

  • This from Colin Brown, New Zealand...

    There was a Corporal Peddie in the Wireless Bay, Electronics Centre, R.A.F. Wittering, in 1960. I remember he had an almost photographic memory which annoyed me intensely --- because I didn't!


The Peddies of Florida

Thanks to Kammy Mann for info.

I was browsing your website and thought you might want to know about our Peddie's. I found a website sometime back (can't find it again) that showed where all the Peddie's are located around the world. Apparently the largest collection of Peddie's is right here in Liberty County, Florida (Bristol and Hosford).

I noticed that you mentioned a Peddie Road in Tallahassee. That is actually named for the Peddies here in Liberty County. I live on Peddie Road in Bristol, FL. My brother, Kevin Peddie lives across the road as do my parents, Jack and Marilyn Peddie. And up until they died, my grandparents Alfred and Nolie Peddie.

As far as this branch of Peddie's goes, my dad is the oldest living Peddie at 73. As far as famous Peddie's: My cousin Kyle Peddie (owner of Peddie Pools, after which the Tallahassee Peddie Rd is named) is the Liberty county school board chairman and a preacher at Corinth Baptist Church in Hosford. He thinks he's famous. Does that count? (Haha)

I've done no research other than reading other people's research and I know little about my own family tree. If I find the time or energy to do it, I'll post on the genealogy page. Thanks for the work you've done. I enjoy your site and will continue to explore it. Let me know if you happen across any interesting information about my clan.


A Fictional Peddie

In Catheine Carswell's semi-autobiographical novel, "Open The Door", there is a character called, Alec Peddie. He is described as being a "..handsome rascal of fifteen", who offers to show the young heroine, "...what lads is for.". She refuses his offer, but the, "..shameless young pagan look he had given her took its place in her dreams.". The scene is in an early chapter set in the countryside of East Perthshire. (Catherine Carswell. Open The Door. 1920. 1985 edition published by Virago. pp 36-37). [Thanks to Christina aka BonzoBaby for the tip bit].


Peddie Streets and Highways

In Dundee, Scotland, there is a Peddie Street in the old Jute area, named after William 'Will' Peddie (1879-1939 & the Grand Uncle of the Webmaster) who was a prominent Jute Trader, trading between Dundee and India. He later ran the Kirk Style Hotel, in Dunning, Perth. He was also this Webmaster's Great Grand Uncle.

In Milton, Ontario, Canada, there is now a Peddie Street that runs east fom Highway 25. [Thanks to Larry in Canada for this].

There is a Peddie Street in Tallahassee, FL [Thanks to Kay (USA)].


Some General Info

Here are some, 'Peddie' related items passed to me by other Peddies. Any comments anyone?

  • We've had on the site for some time the information that,'Peddie', means 'footsoldier'. Here is some more on this from Anne (USA): 'In the 40's or 50's my father, Thomas Holman Peddie told me that the word "Peddie" came from a time when a town in Scotland was being invaded and half of the town "ran on foot" to the hills to hide from the invaders. Thus the Pedding, shortened to Peddie'.

  • There is a 'Peddie's Hill' in Aberdeenshire. It is marked on the OS maps, Landranger 37-Strathdon (1:50000 scale) or OS Pathfinder 213-Rhynie (1:25000 scale). However, the Pathfinder series has now been replaced by the Explorer Series (also 1:25000 scale), and the map No. is 420-Correen Hills and Glenlivet, which gives a more detailed map of the area. The summit of Peddie's Hill should be coordinates NJ443249 (344340,824930) on the GB National Grid, and is 430 Metres elevation according to OS.

    Directions: Take A994 west from Aberdeen; North on A97; go west on B9002. Peddie's Hill is a couple of miles past Craig Castle on the south side of the B9002.

    Try this Multimap page for a close-up view. [Thanks to : Jon Peddie of Australia, for this info] .


Peddie Slogans

Here we have a few old Peddie slogans that were passed to me by another 'Peddie' enthusiast (thanks Robert T.):

"Steady old peddie is marching along"

"Whatever befalls when peddie calls "

"Give me a seven, give me an eleven , give me a ricketty racketty shanty town who can hold old peddie down nobody, nobody yet"

"When you're up, you're up , when you're down, you're down. When you're up against peddie you're upside down."

Peddie Books

Here's a list of Books with Peddie connections; either authored by, or about, PEDDIES; many you can read online.(thanks to Windsongbell for this list):

*Prayer and Its Answer, Or, How a Believer May Know Whether His Prayer Will ... by Maria Denoon Peddie, Robert Peddie - 1871

*The Traveller By James Meikle, James Peddie

*The Dawn of the Second Reformation in Spain by Maria Denoon Peddie, wife of Robert Peddie - 1871

*Recollections of Dr. John Brown, Author of 'Rab and His Friends', by Alexander Peddie - 1893 - 197 pages

The History of Trade Unionism by Sidney Webb, Beatrice Potter Webb, Robert Alexander Peddie - Labor unions - 1902

Printing at Brescia in the Fifteenth Century: A List of the Issues? by Robert Alexander Peddie - Printing - 1905

The History of Trade Unionism by Sidney Webb, Beatrice Potter Webb, Robert Alexander Peddie - Labor unions - 1902

Engineering & Metallurgical Books, 1907-1911 Robert Alexander Peddie - Engineering - 1912

The History of Trade Unionism by Sidney Webb, Beatrice Potter Webb, Robert Alexander Peddie - Labor unions - 1902

First Principles of Production: A Study of the First Principles of ...?by John Taylor Peddie, S. Roy Illingworth, Percy Frankland, William Lorimer - Economics - 1915

Report and Proceedings, with Appendices, of the Government Commission on ...? by Cape of Good Hope Commission on Native Laws and Customs, Cape of Good Hope, Jacob Dirk Barry - Law - 1883

God's Chosen Fast: Or what Shall We Do for Our Poorer Brethren in the Wynds by James Peddie - 1860

The Traveller: Or, Meditations on Various Subjects by James Meikle, James Peddie - 1811

"The life of Mr. James Meikle" signed: J.P.

Recollections Of Dr John Brown by Alexander Peddie

Hooks for thoughts by James Anderson Peddie - 1861

Manual of Physics: Being an Introduction to the Study of Physical Science? by William Peddie - Physics - 1892

The Ruling Eldership of the Christian Church by David King, James Peddie - Presbyterianism - 1856

The Scottish Pulpit. bv the Rev. JAMES PEDDIE,

The United Presbyterian magazine The United Presbyterian magazine? - James Peddie, editions *mentions James , William Peddie and more

Memorials of Bristo United Presbyterian church [signed J.T.].by James Thin - 1879 One of his daughters married Sir W. Ogilvie of Carnoustie, Bart. REV. JAMES PEDDIE, DD A few points respecting this distinguished Minister

Biographical and Historical Catalogue of Washington and Jefferson College ... DD 1843 Rev. E. Thompson Baird, AM Hon. James Thompson, AM William Reynolds, Esq ., AM Rev. Wm. M. Atkinson, DD Rev. James Peddie, DD, Scotland.

Sermons Delivered on Occasion of the Death of the Rev. James Peddie, by James Harper, John Brown - 1845

The Edinburgh Almanack, Or Universal Scots and Imperial Register, ... Henry Grey, William Manuel, DD, Rev. James Marshall, John Brown, DD, Rev. ... Charles Spence, Win» Alexander, J. Gibson, WS Secretaries, James Peddie, DD

"Hidden Things Brought to Light", by William Taylor, James Peddie -

The Forgotten Talent: God's Ministry of Healing? by John Cameron Peddie - Body, Mind & Spirit - 1985

A Chequered Career the Life of Montagu Williams, Q.C., by James Peddie

Cardio-vascular Surgery; a Manual for Nurses: A Manual for Nurses by George Henry Peddie, Methodist Hospital (Houston, Tex.), Tex Methodist Hospital

Colour Vision: A Discussion of the Leading Phenomena and Their Physical Laws? by William Peddie

Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh - Page 181 - 1907 By Dr W. Peddie. (Proc. Roy. Soc. Edin., vol. xxvi., 1905-6

*Subject Index of Books Published Up to and Including 1880 by Robert Alexander Peddie - Best books - 1962

Fifteenth-century Books: With a List of the Latin Names of Towns and an Robert Alexander Peddie

Alfred: The Good Soldier : His Life and Campaigns by John Peddie - Great Britain - 1989

Testing in Practice: A Guide to the Preparation and Marking of Tests, by Bill Peddie, Graham R. White

Fifty Years of Colgate Football, 1890-1940 by Ellery C. Huntington, John W. Peddie - 1940

The Repetitive Strain Injury Sourcebook by Sandra Peddie, Craig H. Rosenberg

The Order of Nature in Economics by David Edward Peddie - Economics - 1923

The Hollyman Family: A Genealogical and Historical Record of the Descendants by George Anders Holleman, Tina Keene Peddie - 1952

Hannibal's War by John Peddie - History - 1997

Subject index of books published up to and including 1880: by Robert Alexander Peddie - Best books - 1948

Invasion: The Roman Invasion of Britain in the Year Ad 43 by John Peddie


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